Ant Bohun started his career in film and television in 1986 at Pro-Image in Australia. After 10 years of mixing at studios in both Melbourne and Sydney, Synchrosound Studios in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia asked him very nicely if he'd like to come and work for them. After two years with Synchrosound he hopped on a plane and headed for the United Kingdom. There he worked for Videosonics in London, AMS Neve in Burnley, Broadcast Film and Video and Films at 59 in Bristol. In 2001 Ant returned to Australia, and in 2006 he opened Sound Please. Ant has worked on national high rating programs for each of the major networks across all forms of content. His credits include feature films, drama, documentaries, comedy, animation and advertising. He is also a represented Voice Over Artist with EM Voices. And you can go directly to his profile page or his own voice over website by clicking the links below.

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AVID Protools Ultimate HD

Steinberg Nuendo 8

Dynaudio BM6A Monitors

Neumann TLM 102 Microphone

Neumann TLM 103 Microphone

Sennheiser 416 Microphone

Solid State Logic  XLogic Microphone Pre Amps

Extensive Sound Effects Library

WAVES, Izotope and Other 3rd Party Plugins

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